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Personalized Coaching Programs committed to helping you age without weight gain, wrinkles, pain or illness

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Lose weight
Reduce your risk of age related diseases
Avoid muscle Loss


  • No more frustration from diets that don’t work

  • No more exercise programs that cause pain instead of results

  • No more stressing about your health.


Don’t feel uncomfortable any longer!


Yes! You can still have...

  • A strong sexy body over 50 - when you eat and move YOUR body based on YOUR challenges you’ll advance toward YOUR goals.

  • Energy for all the fun things life still brings – you’ll feel years younger when you nourish and move your body in ways that support it, not injure it.

  • Youthful glowing skin – skin is a reflection of your health.  When you nourish it from the inside, and the outside with amazing skincare, you’ll look years younger.

I chose to work with Donna for her integrated approach to good health – fresh food combined with regular exercise has been the key to helping me lose excess weight – Sarah

With Donna, I lost weight, learned about food, and most importantly, she made it easy – Rachel

I’ve never been more inspired to begin my health journey.  You made me feel confident through the learning process – Jacquie



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Your Personal Program

Step 1


Let’s discuss your goals and how, together, we can get your there.

Step 2


Together we’ll move strategically through your personal program created specifically for you, your challenges and your goals.

Step 3


Spend less time worrying about your goals and more time achieving them.



I’ve met so many people who are frustrated that they can’t lose weight, have no energy, and can’t move the way they used to.  They have the aches, and illnesses that we associate with “normal” aging.  They’ve tried diets that don’t work, have taken the newest supplement that’s all the rage and still feel tired and uncomfortable in their own bodies.


This does not have to be you!


Unfortunately, we’ve all been doing the wrong things.  You see, diets don’t work because you are uniquely you.  You have your own DNA, genes, and culture.  We all eat different food and move in different ways for different lengths of time.  We have different bone structure and size, body shape and weight.


What this means is that your body processes, digests, absorbs, and uses food and nutrients differently than anyone else.


So, you see, a diet that works for your friend or cousin probably won’t work for you.


I’ve been there, I understand, for years I hated what I saw in the mirror and when I tried to change it by following what was working for my friends, it never seemed right for me.  That’s why I became a personal chef, personal trainer, and functional nutrition and skincare expert and created a program that worked specifically for me and now, I feel amazing!


And you can too!


The program I created for me is not the same program I use for my clients, and not the one I’ll create for you.  Yours will be based on your specific challenges and goals and we’ll work through it together.

I've Been There

40  recipes to help you lose weight, look great and
feel years younger.


Exceptional Aging Programs


  1. Choose your program.

  2. Within that program you’ll create your steps that will get you to your big goals.

  3. Revel in the improvements you created.

1 : 1 Coaching


Based on the 3-pillars of healthy aging:

Nutrition, Movement and Stress Management


This is YOUR program based on YOUR needs and will include everything YOU need.  This may include:

food journal, recipe support, stress eating support, cooking brainstorming, portion control and macronutrient and phytonutrient education, healthy movement ideas, stress management techniques, gratitude journal

The DJS Method


Take control of your aging process with steps you can implement right now to take the guess work out of healthy aging.


This includes:

Diet – Make the right choices for your aging self - recipes included.


Joy – Selfcare is not selfish!  Implement movement and mind stress management techniques to support your aging process.


Skin – Keep your skin young and glowing.

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