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We All Struggle to Feel Good in the Skin We're In

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 A lifetime career in health, beauty, and fashion has all led up to this!


Hi, I’m Donna. I am a FIT graduate who, as a student, focused on designing flattering lingerie that women could feel desirable in. I loved what I studied but felt the need to go deeper to help women (like myself) look and feel beautiful. To do this I recognized the truth behind “you are what you eat” so I switched gears and completed culinary school, studied nutrition, and even launched a successful business for Manhattanites called Basil & Barbells as a personal chef, personal trainer, and functional nutrition expert.


I nourished my clients by preparing healthy, nutritious, organic meals that helped them lose weight, reduce pre-diabetes, gestational diabetes and cholesterol. My menus also empowered people to reduce or eliminate medication for those ailments. Once again, I loved what I did. 



I was attending a lecture at nutrition school where the instructor explained that our skin is our largest organ and everything we come into contact with can potentially be absorbed through the skin into the body and bloodstream.  


The instructor went on to explain that, on any given day, we are exposed to hundreds of toxic chemicals from our skincare, haircare, make-up, perfumes and deodorants. Many of these chemicals have the potential to cause cancer, disrupt hormones or cause damage to DNA.  


That blew my mind!  


It was then and there that I decided to reduce the chemicals I put on my body… and a glimmer of Donna J Skincare was born. 


I was in my 40th year and began seeing the physical effects of aging skin. Wrinkles, lines, sagging skin, and dark spots were all I could see when I looked in the mirror and I was not about to accept it. I started to fight back with my own DIY skincare using formulations that I found online, but they just weren’t working for me. 


I searched the internet to find out how to reverse the damage. I spent tireless hours researching and discerning the truth from the obvious marketing spin. I started looking for someone I could talk to and trust, someone who knew what I was experiencing and who could walk me through what to do about it. That person never revealed themselves, so I set out on my own to figure it out.   


And I was not joking. 


In my quest to research ingredients, create formulations for my aging skin and become versed in hands-on aspects of nourishing skin, I went above and beyond, investing in diplomas and certificate programs including: 


· Formula Botanica 

· The School of Natural Skincare

· Esthetics, Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics 

· Anti-Aging Formulation

· The Preservation of Natural Skincare 

· Cosmetic Stability of Natural Skincare 

· Dermaplaning, Microneedling, Microcurrent and MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage). 

· Facial Masque Therapy 


My friends asked if I had a facelift! 

Originally, I created skincare products for myself, to provide the results I was looking to achieve using only natural and organic ingredients and quickly noticed positive changes in my skin


Others noticed too and when I started fielding questions like "Did you have a facelift recently?", I realized I was onto something.  


My own personal journey in looking and feeling great from the inside out has been an empowering path and I find such meaning in helping others reclaim their beauty and health through my expertise. 


Thank you for liking, sharing and enjoying Donna J Skincare.  

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