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You've Been Hijacked

I have years of nutrition education, hours and hours and hours of studying and researching nutrition and longevity. I’ve been to culinary school, I’ve been a personal chef for private clients and worked in restaurants, and I get that nutrition is confusing. There’s so much misinformation out there, a lot of old information as well.

If you’re old enough to remember ‘80s hair bands, you’re old enough to remember being told that fat is what makes us fat and causes us to get sick and all the fat-free chaos that we all bought into. I’m here to tell you, fat does not make you fat. The fat that we eat, isn’t the same fat in our body, honestly, they shouldn’t even have the same name.

We’ve been told that in order to lose weight and be healthy we need to burn more calories than we consume, again, this isn’t true. Not all calories are created equal – 100 calories of French fries will break down your gut, immunity and aging process pushing your biological age (the actual age of your body, as opposed to your chronological age – the number of years you’ve been on this planet) needle in the wrong direction, but 100 calories of kale with support all these processes pushing your biological age needle in the down direction.

Then we were told that if we eat a certain amount of calories, fat, carbohydrates, etc., we’ll lose weight, so read your labels, only to find out that labels aren’t accurate – legally, they can be up to 20% off and you and I both know that the numbers will never be 20% higher than the actual product contains, it will always be lower, following labels won’t help you lose weight.

Our bodies have been hijacked by corrupt farming practices, food companies that create unhealthy food products and use misleading marketing information and labeling to get us to consume those products, by restaurant chefs who haven’t learned about nutrition or portion sizes in culinary school – only how to deliver the perfect combination of sugar, salt and fat to signal the pleasure centers of the brain, a restaurant industry that has perfected the use of psychology to keep you eating and coming back for more, and by doctors who have little to no nutrition education (On average, U.S. medical schools offer only 19.6 hours of nutrition education across four years of medical school), but still find it appropriate to give nutrition advice, which is usually inaccurate.

The expression “you don’t know what you don’t know” applies here.

A normal person, like yourself, wouldn’t know any of this because you don’t know you’re supposed to question it. We’ve been led to believe that our government is keeping us healthy, but this just isn’t true, they do not have our best health interest at heart by supporting farming subsidies, GMO foods, and large companies that produce herbicides and pesticides that are making us sick.

Yes, our bodies have been hijacked, so let’s take them back!

If you’d like help doing this, click here to schedule a free consultation with me to learn how we can take “you” back.

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